Tuesday, May 29, 2012


All is well in Costa Rica!  I'm getting used to the weather difference quite nicely!  It is probably 80 by the time I get outside in the morning, and gets up to 85 or so until after lunch.  The humidity is high, but I don't really notice anymore.  Like clockwork, the clouds build around 1:00, and by mid-afternoon it is pouring.  It rains like crazy for a few hours, then drizzles a little until the middle of the night.  Apparently so goes the rainy season, and it has been like this each day we've been here.  No such thing as a sunset!  Also, the it gets dark around 7:30 here.  Very odd.  The latitude/time zone thing is messing with me.

I've gotten to go on campus twice now to share the Gospel!  Our first day was just our team, and I went in a group with Abigail and Kerstyn.  We had quite a few conversations, and got to share Christ with 7 students.  The Ticos are very open to talking, and usually interested in learning about what we have to say.  Today we joined the Stint team for sharing.   I went with Jesse Schlender, who is ironically from Bozeman, and I had no idea until I got here!  He and I got to share with 6 students, some in Spanish, and some in English.  Later, Riley and I talked to an agnostic young man, and got to share the Gospel with him, and what it means to be loved and forgiven by God!  Agnosticism is very common here, from my short experience, as students leave their Catholic homes to go to college.  Please pray for our wisdom and words, as many students know OF Christ, but we must explain ABOUT Him, and pray for open hearts.  Many students express doubt because of hypocrisy in the church, so pray for our sincerity and loving actions.

I think the biggest blessing for me so far has been the new friends!  I have become friends with several Tico students, including Fede, David, Sergio, and Marisol.  They love learning about our culture and language, and vice versa.  We have a lot in common really, and the more I meet them, the more I see that.  It's so fun, and I can't wait to grow closer in friendship and the Lord!  The more I understand their culture, the better witness I can be, and the more effectively I can relate to their ideas, values, and struggles.  Pray for softness in my heart as I try to assimilate!

Much love!

I Corinthians 9:19-22

p.s.  For those who are interested, yes I am seeing lots of birds too

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