Friday, June 1, 2012

Howdy friends!

I have been so so blessed to see God's hand in our time here the last few days!  I can't fit all of His awesomeness in one post, so I will tell a shortened version of one story from yesterday, to give you an idea of what is has been like!

Background:  We have been using a sharing tool called Soularium, which is a bunch of thought-provoking postcard-sized photos. (75 or so)  We had two stations on campus, with the photos either posted on a wall or layed out on benches.  Then we split up our team, and conducted surveys based on the photos.  (Which photos describe your life, which describe your wishes for the future, which describes what you know of God...etc)  They are a great bridge of the language gap, and lead into many solid spiritual conversations.  Anyways, what follows are excerpts of a conversation that Riley and I had with a Tico named Andres.

A&R: Which pictures describe what you think of God?
Andres: (chose tangled rope, and scenic forest path) I think God is complicated, so we don't know every part of him, but He is very peaceful and gives us a path.

A&R: Do you have any religious background?
Andres:  I don't believe in religion.  I think God wants a relationship with us.

A&R: So who do you believe Jesus was?
Andres: We must be careful what we say about Jesus, because even demons believe in Jesus!  I believe he was the Son of God, and he came to earth to die for our sins.  He rose from the dead so we can know God forever.

A&R: (stunned, and a little unprepared for this)  That's exactly what we believe!  How about the Holy Spirit?
Andres:  It is complicated.  Jesus had to go back to Heaven, but he left the Holy Spirit to guide us while he is gone.

A&R:  Uhhh that's a very good explanation!  How have you learned all this, growing up in a non-religious family?
Andres:  I hear some from people, but mostly I just ask God and He tells me.

This is truly why we are sharing out here!  Not only can new people hear the Gospel, but sometimes we uncover a GEM like this!  I pray we can meet up with Andres again and help him get connected with a strong Christian community that will foster his growth!

God is SO GOOD!

Luke 1:1-4

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